Friends of the Poudre River


Rafting the poudre River


Poudre RiverFest   |  May 10th from 7am-7pm  
At Legacy & Lee Martinez Parks, Fort Collins, CO


Friends of the Poudre

Who we are,


Dedicated to preserving Northern Colorado's Cache la Poudre River,and enhancing its recreational, historic, and educational values.


Friends of the Poudre is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Cache La Poudre River from the threats of water diversion, mega-reservoirs, ecologically unsound usages, and insensitive development.


Through our membership, we intend to monitor instream flows and water quality levels to ensure quality of life. We aim to protect the remaining free-flow, while enhancing the river's riparian habitat and recreational amenities.


Through vital philanthropic activities, Friends of the Poudre will aim to remind the users of its historical past, while raising support and funding to protect the river into the future.



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